HIPAA-Tips HIPAA Awareness Tool (Set of 12)



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HIPAA-Tips Awareness Tool

HIPAA-Tips is fully updated to the HIPAA Final Rule. Keep privacy and security awareness an ongoing priority with HIPAA-Tips, the unique, scenario-based awareness tool that keeps HIPAA clear and simple for your staff.

Maintaining HIPAA awareness after training is a challenge, and The HIPAA Group has the solution. Between periodic training, our set of twelve scenario-driven HIPAA-Tips reinforces need-to-know privacy and security concepts in clear, easy to understand language.

The scenarios and solutions covered in HIPAA-Tips boost workforce awareness in a variety of ways:

  • As a monthly privacy or security reminder, HIPAA-Tips can be emailed or printed for distribution as needed.

  • HIPAA-Tips are perfect for in service meetings - just choose a HIPAA-Tips topic to cover. Distribute HIPAA-Tips before the meeting as your discussion guide.

  • For individuals or groups who need additional information in a particular area, pick a HIPAA-Tips topic to match their needs, and give the help that's needed.

  • Using familiar, easy-to-understand scenarios, your set of twelve HIPAA-Tips covers essential privacy and security topics your staff should know, including protecting PHI, disclosure do's and don'ts, proper PHI disposal - and much, much more.

Each issue of HIPAA-Tips contains four sections:

1.) Privacy or Security Scenario - An engaging, real-life scenario staff can relate to.

2.) HIPAA Analysis - Tells staff how to properly address the issues raised in the scenario.

3.) What's Important - Spells out the most important points to remember.

4.) For More Info - Tells where to go online for more detailed HIPAA information.

Keep your staff smarter and your practice safer with HIPAA-Tips, developed by the HIPAA experts at HIPAA Group.