HIPAA Awareness Kit



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HIPAA Awareness Kit

Fully updated to the HIPAA Final Rule, our HIPAA Awareness Kit helps you maintain a high level of HIPAA awareness, and lowers your risk of violations. Three of HIPAA Group's most effective awareness tools are now combined in our exclusive HIPAA Awareness Kit.

The HIPAA Awareness Kit includes our unique Privacy and Security Posters (set of two); our HIPAA-Tips (set of 12), the scenario-driven awareness tool for meetings and handouts; and a 25-pack of our one-of-a-kind HIPAA Awareness Cards, laminated cards that spell out HIPAA's "do's and don'ts" in clear and simple language.

Privacy and Security Posters (Set of 2)

Our Privacy and Security Posters are drafted by experts. The guidelines in these Posters, followed consistently, will help reduce your risk of violations. Hang these laminated posters in break areas, near time clocks, work areas, or message boards. A great value for every office, the Posters (set of two) come in a handy 11" x 17" size.

HIPAA-Tips (Set of 12)

The HIPAA Awareness Kit also includes the complete set of twelve HIPAA-Tips, the unique, scenario-based, HIPAA awareness tool from HIPAA Group.

In between regular training sessions, our set of twelve HIPAA-Tips reinforces the basics of HIPAA Privacy and Security in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Using familiar scenarios everyone can relate to, HIPAA-Tips covers essential Privacy and Security topics your staff should know, from disclosures of PHI, to dealing with patients' family and friends, to the proper disposal of PHI, and much more.

HIPAA Awareness Cards (Pack of 25)

Finally, the HIPAA Awareness Kit also includes 25 of our famous HIPAA Awareness Cards. An exclusive HIPAA Store product, these laminated, double-sided cards summarize core HIPAA principles in clear, easy-to-understand language. Every member of your workforce should have a HIPAA Awareness Card posted at their workstation or desk

Show your staff you are serious about HIPAA and reduce your chances of HIPAA violations, with the HIPAA Awareness Kit.