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How well does your workforce know HIPAA?

Where are the gaps in their knowledge?

Don't guess. Find out quickly and easily with HIPAA Check-Up, the HIPAA assessment tool from HIPAA Group. It's affordable, fast, and easy to use. Test new employees or existing staff, and see what they really know about HIPAA.

Updated for the Final Rule

Updated for the HIPAA Final Rule, HIPAA Check-Up accurately assesses HIPAA knowledge in 25 different categories - in 30 minutes or less. Use this great resource to determine your group's HIPAA strengths and weaknesses, and protect your organization against HIPAA violations.

HIPAA Check-Up Includes Two Versions

HIPAA Check-Up includes two versions, one for printing and one for email use. The questionnaire is the same, but the email version is a PDF file containing just the test questions and a set of instructions. This allows you to send HIPAA Check-Up to any number of staff quickly and easily. Alternately, either version can simply be copied and handed out in hard copy form as needed.

The core of this package is a thirty question test, carefully crafted to cover the 25 categories of HIPAA your staff should know, regardless of the training they've had. If staff score low on HIPAA Check-Up, your organization may be at risk. Find out today in the privacy of your own practice, and know for sure.

A HIPAA "Topics Table" is included with the Answer Key that shows which of the 25 categories of HIPAA match each of the 30 questions. A simple tally of the most missed questions shows you clearly and specifically where help with HIPAA is needed.

Two More Unique Resources Included

HIPAA Check-Up also includes two more unique resources from HIPAA Group: our exclusive "Ten Points of HIPAA Privacy" and our "Ten Secrets of HIPAA Security" charts for every staff member who participates. These one-of-a-kind resources summarize the basics of HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security in the simplest possible terms. Keep a copy of each chart posted at every desk or workstation.

Topics covered in HIPAA Check-Up:

  • Authorizations
  • Business Associates
  • Computers & Workstations
  • Covered Entities
  • Disclosures in Emergency Situations
  • Disclosures Required by Law
  • Disclosures to Family & Friends
  • Disposal of PHI
  • Email Safety
  • Facility Directories
  • Fax Issues & Safety
  • Incidental Uses & Disclosures
  • Minimum Necessary Rule
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Passwords
  • Penalties & Sanctions for HIPAA Violations
  • Personal Representatives, Parents, and Minors
  • PHI - Protected Health Information
  • Photocopier Issues & Safety
  • Privacy Rule Basics
  • Right to Access Medical Records
  • Safeguards
  • Security Rule Basics
  • Telephone Issues & Safety
  • Vendors and Visitors

There's no need to guess what your workforce knows about HIPAA. Assess their HIPAA knowledge with HIPAA Check-Up and be sure.